Soft Puck Replacement Pack

Soft Puck Replacement Pack

Soft Puck Replacement Pack

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1 pair of replacement soft palm pucks.

Did you lose your soft pucks or destroy them? Get another set today!

These are our standard soft pucks. They provide some padding and protection for your palms and are used mainly by bikers and scooter riders who do not feel the need to use a hard puck.

These will not provide the slide of our hard pucks or protect you at the same level but they are an option and come standard with all 1Protect gloves. 

Customer Service That Actually Cares

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Free Size Exchanges

If the glove does not fit you can exchange it for a size that does.

Top Quality Guarantee

If you encounter a quality issue with our products we will fix it.

No More Bloody Palms Promise

End bloody palm syndrome forever when you wear 1Protect.