How do I measure my hand size to select the correct glove size, and do you offer a sizing guide?

Sizing on gloves is always a bit tricky because all hands are larger and smaller in different places. That is why we offer a free size exchange for USA customers if you order the wrong size. For international clients we also offer a free exchange but the client must cover shipping costs for the size exchange.


Do you ship internationally, and if so, what are the rates and customs considerations?

We will ship worldwide! If you choose the cheapest shipping option which is often USPS however it can takes weeks or even months to receive your package with limited to no tracking along the way as tracking stops once the package leaves the USA. Pay for a different shipping option if you want door to door tracking and faster ship times. Also note that if you need to do a free size exchange and are located outside of the USA you will need to pay for the return shipping cost. We also can not control taxes or custom delays we can only ship the package from the USA and after that you will need to contact the shipping company for all other information.


What is your policy on returns and exchanges, and how can I initiate a return?

We offer free size exchanges in the USA.

We offer free returns and replacements for any product with a manufacture defect.

Just e-mail chris.hughes@1protect.co to start your return process.

NOTE: A manufacture defect does not include you crashing and ripping the gloves. Our gloves are not indestructible and may get damaged while protecting you in the case of a fall. We keep our products affordable so you can get a fresh pair when needed after a major crash.


What are the washing and care instructions to ensure longevity and maintain the quality of the gloves?

We recommend hand washing and air drying your gloves to prevent damage. Although many people take the chance and wash our gloves in a machine and they end up ok it could possibly reduce the life span of the glove and/or cause seams to be damaged.


Do you offer custom gloves, and how can I request a customized order?

We do make custom gloves for several clients. You must order 200 + pairs of gloves for a custom order and the wait time is around 2 months for production and delivery. Write us at cc@1protect.co with any custom glove order requests.


Is 1P a sustainable or Vegan brand?

Here at 1Protect, we strive to reduce our waste per order and focus on recycling as much as possible. It is hard to be perfect as a small brand with limited resources but we try our best.

Did you know our deliveries are eco-friendly? We use Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) for local deliveries and shipping drop offs, significantly reducing our carbon emissions.

Additionally, our order packaging is crafted from recycled materials! We use the only poly mailers on the market that are made with 100% recycled content and 50% post-consumer waste. This high recycled content means that our poly mailer bags are giving new life to and creating a strong market for previously used plastic bags and milk jugs that would otherwise be landfill-bound. Additionally, our mailers are reusable and recyclable.

We believe in re-using and upcycling, so many of our shipping boxes get a second life, reducing waste.

1Protect Gloves are 100% Vegan. No leather or animal products ever used like some others in this industry. Every detail, from the dye’s down to the adhesive on the back of the palm pucks is animal-free.

By choosing 1Protect, you’re not just getting top-quality protective gear; you’re also supporting a sustainable future and no more bloody palms!


Did you sell out to your corporate overlords?

No we have not sold out to our corporate overlords.

We  actually were founded as a family business run by CC and his family. After a few years the original business was restructured and Chris and his family joined the team. Chris and CC run the business to this day.

We hope to be able to put together a structure in the future to give a percentage of the ownership of the brand to our most loyal supporters and riders who have taken us to where we are today and will be key to taking us where we want to go in the future.

If 1P ever is sold to our corporate overlords we want to make sure all riders and community members who have helped get the brand to where it is today participate in that payout.

Our personal and brand values would not let us leave any rider who is Team 1P behind.