For Riders By Riders -

For Riders By Riders -

1Protect is a rider owned and managed brand.

Currently, our founder CC and his partner Chris do all the heavy lifting when they are not out shredding or spending time with their families.

1Protect was founded though a crowdfunding campaign for our first gloves and has grown over the years through the support of the PEV communities we protect.

We are looking forward to a future where we shift ownership of the brand to our most loyal riders and ambassadors who wear our gear and have stayed loyal to us since day 1.

Where our riders take us we will go and as a community we will protect each other and reap any rewards earned as a community of riders. Corporate sellouts we are not (unless we all sellout together lol) .
For Riders By Riders!

Chris "White-T" Hughes

What’s happening? I'm Chris Hughes, but most folks call me "White-T."

I grew up in California and Colorado, and recently found my way to the Pacific Northwest.

I started getting into PEV’s during the Pandemic as a means of transportation in the LA area. Most of my riding was down in San Diego & Arizona where I met riders like AJ Balanza, Kyle Hanson, Aaron Alexander& the OWAZ crew. They helped lay the foundation to my career.

Fast forward a couple years when I moved up to Portland and met Scott Stringer. We started the Freestyle Onewheel team called Float NLC, put in some serious work and got picked up by 1Protect, Electric Bigfoot and Fluxskinz. 1Protect Gloves elevated our riding experience. The added palm protection provided the confidence boost we needed to nail those challenging tricks and evolve into the riders we've become today.

Right now, the Float NLC team is sitting at 5 Pro Riders and our first Grom rider Ezra Boles. Our roster features; Scott Stringer, Max “MVK” Kurthausen, the OWHARDAF Crew, Jake Dorau and myself.

I joined 1Protect as a owner in 2023 and look forward to helping grow and innovate the brand going forward.

If I could say anything to wrap up my Onewheel career…it’s that once I got my Onewheel, life got easy

"Life get's easy once

you get a


Chris Hughes

Carl "CC" Travis

Most people call me CC. I come from a lifelong snowboarding, wakeboarding and skating background. Essentially I have always been jumping on a board to catch my thrills.

I became very into downhill longboarding for a number of years racing and riding after a move to Latin America. The gloves we used in longboarding became the inspiration for my first 1Protect glove design.

When the Onewheel came out I had the first generation Onewheel and the rest was history after that. I was addicted! After that I focused most of my board time on riding my Onewheel in Colombia, Panama, Aruba and cities throughout the USA.

I noticed right away that there was a need for a better style of hand protection for Onewheel riders and that my old downhill longboarding gloves would not work because the puck was too big and prevented functional hand use. 1Protect was born shortly after when I created my first prototypes and started a successful crowdfunding campaign for our first model.

Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo

Jon Sinclair